The Fire Waker

The year: 304 AD. His name is Agnus, but to the Christians he is known as The Fire Waker. He wanders through the provinces of the Roman Empire performing wonders: he makes the blind see, the lame walk; he resuscitates the dead… Yet, when brick-maker Marcus Lupus is mysteriously murdered a few days after his resurrection, imperial envoy and historian Aelius Spartianus (protagonist of The Water Thief) begins to suspect that behind the Fire Waker’s miracles there may lie something more sinister, more obscure. A soldier and investigator in Emperor Diocletian’s service, Aelius eagerly pursues Agnus’ trail. From Trier to Milan, to the barbarian-infested Danube; while deaths multiply and the struggle for imperial succession grows bloody, his inquiry forces him to confront a thousand mysteries that lead to a sole, great Mystery. Step by step, among lethal dangers and ambiguous feminine seductions, Aelius inches closer and closer to the heart of the enigma, until the last act of his perilous search brings him face to face not only with the assassin’s identity, but with the burning core of a deflagration that could incinerate all he knows: his world, his values... his own life.
  Aelius Spartianus Series

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