Tin Sky

Ukraine, 1943. Having barely escaped the inferno of Stalingrad, Major Martin Bora is still serving on the Russian front as a German counterintelligence officer. At a time when weariness, disillusionment, dread of the future and battle fatigue are a soldier’s daily fare, Bora seems to be one of the few whose sanity was not marred by the horrors of war. And yet his rationality and investigative talent avail him nothing against General Platonov, a Red Army commander now a prisoner of war, whose unbending resolve cannot be reduced. Soon enough, another prize Russian joins Platonov of his own free will: Tibyetskji (known as Khan), an old glory of the October Revolution, who chose to defect aboard the latest model of a T-34 tank, the most advanced Soviet fighting machine. The double lucky break for the Germans falls apart when both generals die within twenty-four hours of each other. Everything appears to exclude the likelihood of foul play, but Bora perceives something amiss with the official version of the facts: so he begins an adventurous investigation, rife with perils and unexpected turns of events, in the stubborn attempt to solve a mystery that will come much too close for comfort...
  Martin Bora Series

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