Krakow, Poland. Autumn 1939, the early months of Nazi occupation. Unseen in the cloister of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, a shadowy assassin takes the life of Maria Kazimierza, the convent’s mother superior. The murder brings about great embarrassment for the German authorities and for the Polish clergy. Mother Kazimierza, in fact, was more than a simple abbess: her body showed Christ’s own wounds – the stigmata –, and because of her miraculous gift of prophecy she enjoyed immense popular veneration. In order to solve the sacrilegious crime and avoid negative effects on the already strained relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Third Reich, a highly unorthodox duo of investigators is called upon: Captain Martin Bora (a young Wehrmacht intelligence officer, already a veteran of the Spanish Civil War, patriotic and duty-bound, but more and more troubled by the ferocity of the Nazi Party), and Father John Malecki, a Polish-American priest working directly for the Vatican. The sole clue the two men have to unravel the Kazimierza case is an ambiguous prophecy, revolving around the Latin word Lumen...
  Martin Bora Series

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