Liar Moon

Italy, Venetia Region, 1943. Having survived hell on the Russian Front, Wehrmacht Major Martin Bora (introduced as the protagonist in Lumen) is assigned to Lago, a small town in the Verona countryside. It is seemingly a lesser appointment, at some distance from the firing line. Yet it is here, in the days following Italy’s change of alliances on September 8, that the German officer receives an authoritarian “invitation” to look into the murder of the area’s most illustrious fascist representative: a bizarre and scandalous death, threatening to discredit the regime’s public image. A brilliant investigator notwithstanding his severe existential crisis, Bora reluctantly accepts the task. Italian police inspector Sandro Guidi – who has troubles of his own, due to a bloody and elusive serial killer – joins him in an inquiry that promises to be intricate like a spider web and explosive like a minefield. Is there any relationship between the two criminal cases? Why do fascist authorities go out of their way to place obstacles on Bora’s path? And why did the dying politician scrawl a puzzling letter “C” in the gravel where he fell? Against the backdrop of merciless anti-partisan warfare, while the drama of the Holocaust is tragically played out on the Italian scene, a breathless chase begins, in search of a solution that many, far too many, would rather bury under silence...
  Martin Bora Series

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