Brink Tales

Prague, capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, early June 1914. Solomon Meisl is a respected Jewish physician with a studio in the borough of Josefstadt, the city’s magic and esoteric center. Tenacious, plodding, intuitive, alongside his practice (as specialist of diseases of the reproductive organs), Meisl indulges in amateur investigation, displaying rare ability and absolute circumspection. Presently, on a sunny day, here comes knocking on his office door Lieutenant Karel Heida, a young, aristocratic Lancer, entrusted by his commander with looking into the murder of a visiting Russian princess. A mysterious case, soon to be followed – not only in Prague itself, but in the surrounding regions of Bohemia and Moravia – by other bloody crimes, some of which have an unnerving, nearly supernatural aura. Having chosen Heida as his sleuthing partner (and with a little help from his friends, including a writer by the name of Franz Kafka...), Meisl dives into Prague’s occult, enchanted heart. This is the world where the Jewish ghetto remembers its Golem, seductive great ladies are to be found alongside alchemists and rabbis, opera singers and stars of the Yiddish theater, while serial killers and terrorists lurk in the shadows. In the end, all intricate patterns will dissolve, every murder will out, and so every motive, every culprit. But let us not forget that not far, in Sarajevo, the twenty-eighth day of June 1914 is about to dawn. And it will be the fatal brink of war...
  Prague Series

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