The Wind Rose Room

Prague, late summer 1914. The Great War has started a few weeks earlier; already the first massacres have bloodied the earth, and yet the general mood, especially in the Central Empires, is still one of euphoria and optimism. In this paradoxical atmosphere, where an entire age and a whole world are “happily” heading for destruction, Prague is shaken by an unsettling episode: the kidnaping of a Yiddish theater diva. To confront and solve the case, we meet again the investigative duo featured in Brink Tales: Solomon Meisl, a physician and amateur sleuth raised in the Jewish ghetto, and Karel Heida, a young Lancer officer, scion of an aristocratic family (that is to say, the two most authentic souls of Mitteleuropean culture). But the actress's disappearance marks only the beginning of a series of criminal events that defy reason and the police. Resolved to see their way through it all, Meisl and Heida venture into a mind-boggling inquiry, which starts out in Prague but widens little by little to the far reaches of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the end, everything will come together in a place where all threads, all stories, all destinies unravel: the mysterious “Wind Rose Room”...
  Prague Series

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